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In order to 'go to the source' in tracking down spam. there is no substitute for having the 'full headers' which show every server along the way that a given piece of spam took.

With this information, we can more effectively contact the administrator for an unsecured server, and help that admin close down the (often inadvertently) unsecured servers. The principle of accepting email from properly configured, and 'acountable' remote email servers underlies the objective DSBL 'realtime block list'.

See the narrative on reading email headers here (gone dark) ( local copy) is pretty good. We use DSBL - 

Several recipient side tools for detecting likely 'spam' content in real time exist. One is Spam Assassin, which allows an email server to 'look for' several indicia of 'spam' and to mark as 'suspect'. (local copy of InfoWorld analysis [pdf], and detail graphic (local copy).

See also: email, No spam policy

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