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 - Systems analysis
    and administration
 - Computer telephony
    and Caller ID / DNIS
 - Open Source solutions
 - Network design and 
 - Training - Linux, 
    FreeBSD, OpenBSD,
    Open Source, CTI
 - Finance administration 

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       About this website: We recently saw an analysis in one of the web-design trade magazines. The author's thesis was that there are basically three classes of web pages:
  1. Artistic -- lots of graphics, flash, and sizzle. Often slow to load, and unclear as to message.
  2. Brochures -- typical of first efforts at a web presence. Describes the nature of the underlying business, but not a working tool.
  3. Functional -- containing enough of the foregoing to be visually pleasing, and descriptive, but designed to actually perform useful functions.
... Our design goal is to fall into the final category, in a fashion which displays well in a standards compliant browser.

"The World is Open to Linux" is a trademark, registration
pending, of Owl River Company.

     Unix           Cool -- It works with Linux           Open Source software      

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